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Well, home sick today. So I’m sluggin’ around, watching YouTube videos of course, and everything is normal. Until. I see. Something incredibly epic. WIKI WARS!  Two people. Two computers. One winner.

See, two people have one starting point on http://wikipedia.org, and one ending point. The two try to find the ending point faster than the other by only clicking on hyper links.

So you’ve already started looking up Wiki Wars, or you’re lazy and want me to just give you the link to one of the Gregory Brothers’ wars.

Well, I’ll be nice and give it to you here I suppose.

Are you ready?

Here it is:

Enjoy the awesomeness, and don’t forget to check back for more Sporticalart!



Back to School

Well. It’s that time again I’m afraid. Back to school. I’ve actually had a pretty good time for my long two days of experience with middle school. Anyhow, hope everyone has a great year! Don’t forget to check back for more sporticalart!


Went skiing and raised 355 dollars for diabetes!!!! Whoo!


This is me and my favorite dog, Bailey 🙂


Hello everyone! How did your holiday vacation go????


~ Caitlin

Merry Almost Christmas!

Only 1,581,440 seconds until Christmas!!!!!! (But who’s counting) Any traditions you have for Christmas? Comment below!

My family always gets new Christmas Jammie’s on Christmas eve and we also play kazoos and I don’t really know why. Haha!

Back at Apple

Hey bloggers! I’m back at the Apple Store and am typing this on the MacBook Air!! It is sooooooooo skinny! 


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